Kalemon is a media platform that harbours longreads. We believe that by amalgamating social journalism with good storytelling we can make impact on the Armenian society. Worldwide.

What do we write about

Our format is longreads. Our hero is an ordinary person. Despite a huge amount of outlets and the spread of social networks in Armenia, it is easy to be misled my numbers.

And we do know a lot of them. The official numbers of rapes and sexual assaults. The number of homeless people. The number of orphans and elderly people. We know how many disabled people live in the country.


We know the outcome, but we don’t know the reason. Why does someone become homeless, and how does a child get into an orphanage? What are the roots of home violence, and what do the victims of violence need? Even better: how do we make the numbers go down?

Our stories are not about official reports. They are full-pledged stories that we follow through until the end. We are also curious what happens next: maybe, it will be your actions that will make a change?

After we gain enough supporters, we will be able to launch a fundraising feature on this website. 

We believe that systematic & dedicated help to professional, transparent non-profits is key to success in changing the situation in Armenia at large scale.

Creators and authors

We are Fëdor Kornienko and Hasmik Hovhannisyan. Currently we run Kalemon in two versions: English and Russian. Because these are the languages that we can use to the best of our abilities. With time, we will launch the Armenian version as well, but only after we gain enough supporters.

We are open for new authors and contributors.

Text is over, story goes on

Here on “Kalemon” we bring unspoken social issues to life in the form of narrative stories. Our mission is to create social impact by breaking taboos and freely discussing important matters.

“Kalemon” is a non-profit online outlet that exists solitary because of financial support of individual people. Small, but regular donations from many people help us continue our work, pay to new authors, maintain and develop the website. Stories and investigations that we publish will always be honest and unbiased, and to help us keep up you can join our community on Patreon and choose the level of support.

If you think that discovering sensitive subjects and social vulnerabilities is an important task, join us and become a Patron.